Are You Creative?

Patience is not something I possess.  I have always rushed my life, always.  I couldn’t get to my next location, my next step, my next phase, fast enough.  Everybody told me not to grow up too early, what did I do?  The opposite. 

I wanted a job, so I got one at 11, babysitting.

I wanted a REAL job, so I got one at 14, office secretary/filing girl.

I wanted to graduate High School, so I did it, at 16.

I wanted to move away, so I did it alone, 500 miles away, at 18.

I wanted a boyfriend, I traded him out for a fiancé after 5 months.

I wanted to get married, I did that only 3 months later.

If you can’t tell, I do things differently, on my own timeline.    Sometimes it works out, sometimes it doesn’t.  It just depends on how much control God decides to let me take over my life that day.  😂

I’ve always been intrigued with Jeremiah 29:11, (ya know, the one that every Christian woman has on a bracelet, journal, bag, or t-shirt?)

sweet heart.png

I’ve always viewed that verse as a multi-faceted gateway/permission slip/backup plan.  Now is this 100% “right” and what a faithful, trusting Christian should do?  Not necessarily, but based off of the world around me and what I have witnessed in the Christian community and church, specifically, it seems to be along the lines of what everyone else is doing.  (Not that an argument like that is a valid excuse either.)

When examining this verse I’ve often found myself wondering, “If he knows the plans He has for me, why wouldn’t He tell me them?  Wouldn’t it be easier for us to team up?   Would He not want to make it clear to me which paths would bless me and which would harm me? Can’t I be in on this whole future thing?”

Going with that argument, I would hop down the bunny trail of, “well if God won’t tell me what His plans are, I guess I’ll just start doing stuff and hope he puts a stop to what I shouldn’t be doing, on my terms of course.” 

Boy did I have that wrong.  That logic right there has gotten me into more trouble that I can probably even recall.  My lack of patience and my drive to go, go, go, has left me in tight & semi-dangerous situations, tears, broken relationships and so much more.  It has also left me running a business, married to my best friend and living in a MUCH warmer state.  So why isn’t this logic foolproof?  Why do I end up with both outcomes?

I believe it is because of one thing: the grace of God.

Boy has he lathered on the grace in my life.  Looking back at the situations I got myself into to be where I am now, there is no way that any of them should’ve turned out successful, yet here we are.  I believe it is purely because God has so much love for us and the desire to have a two-way relationship, that He allows us to go galavanting around the Earth, searching for our purpose, stumbling in the dark.  Now do I think He will lead and guide and steer as needed? Absolutely.  But we have to make the choice to invite Him to do that.  Does He rescue us out of the worst situations that we get ourselves into? Absolutely, if we let Him.  So that leaves the question, if He could get us out of something all along, why does He let us walk into that in the first place? 

I’d like to believe it’s because He knows our hearts and He knows what our future holds.  He knows the choices we’re going to make.  He knows which decisions will bring us closer to Him and which decisions will lead us astray.  But as the Creator that He is, He allows us to go on journeys and endure suffering and hardship and experience joy and pain, so that we can continue to further His story, His Kingdom, His Mission, and our relationship.  As we journey into a deeper relationship with God, we start to see that He’s got the whole thing figured out, but He allows us to take the steps we want to, while still controlling the outcome.  The beautiful thing is, He has it planned out so that our future with Him is full of hope, joy, restoration and healing. 

When I think of all the blessings that God has bestowed upon my life I am most thankful for one thing in particular:  He gave me the ability to create, just like Him.  As kids, most of us grow up believing that we can be anything we want. Most of the adults in our lives tell us that we have the power to be whatever we choose to be, as long as we put the work in.  We look up to our parents and most of us, at some point (maybe 4), have claimed to want to be like our parents when we grow up. But then we grow up we realize that money, time, degrees & college debt stand in the way between us & A LOT of careers. But the one thing that we all possess that truly enables us to work our way around any problem: creativity.  How amazing is it that the Creator of the Universe looked at us & decided that He wanted us to be able to create as well? To be able to come up with something out of our imaginations, out of a reflection of our hearts & souls.  It’s such a beautiful gift.  A gift that has allowed me to create a business, out of nothing.  It enables me to create a song, out of nothing. A drawing, out of nothing. I am able to channel my emotions and my heart into something as unique as my very DNA.

So how does the fact that I can create have anything to do with the fact that I am more impatient than the women who backed up into a moving car at Starbucks today?

Because, even though God has paved the plans for my future He allows me to day-by-day create my choices and to create my passions into existence. Even in the moments of rushing, looking ahead & impatience, He blesses me with the ability to dream and create and relieve my stress and to keep moving my life forward. And for that, I am thankful.  He allows me to work with Him, taking my creations and turning them into opportunities and allowing them to make an impact on others lives. 

I’m not sure how you view creativity, whether you naturally find yourself “creative” (to the world’s standards) or you find yourself more systematic, you should know that you have creativity built into you.  You were instilled with a gift. How you use that gift or how it manifests through talents and passions, varies, but you still have it.   I recently did a poll and 32% of people answered that they don’t think they’re creative.  Now, that’s not horrible, but that’s sad. It broke my heart to know that those people didn’t think that they had the gift of creativity that 68% thought they had.  Whether you are an engineer, a painter, a burger flipper or a salesman- you have a sense of creativity within you.  It’s up to you to discover it, channel it and apply it to the things that you do.  Don’t settle for feeling like you can’t create a new job,  life, attitude, song- whatever.  The world’s definition of creativity is not God’s.  You have the power to create. So, create. 


Xo-  Ry