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Cut the Excuses Already

Excuses stem from a lack of preparation and consideration. They stem from selfishness and the inability to prioritize your time and the truth. The truth was, you weren’t just running late because traffic was bad, you were running late because you didn’t give yourself enough time to deal with the traffic that you knew was going to be present.

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The Validation Drug

I truly applaud the creators of platforms like Facebook and Instagram- they were geniuses. But I wonder if when they created them, they knew that they would become the next drug? The greatest addiction to ever plague human kind? Did they know that this would become the gateway to our e-commerce addiction? Did they know that they were handing us the power to unite or tear families apart? Did they know that they would infiltrate our minds and embed a disease…

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A World Without Wifi

A year ago I was sitting on the floor of my tiny apartment, begging God to give me a direction.  Any direction.  North, South, East or West- I’d go.  I just needed a direction & a city, because I would NEVER, EVER, under ANYYYY circumstances, live in the country.  Hah.  All I had ever wanted was to move out of MI.  To get out of my tiny (cold) circle of the world and explore new territory.  In my heart of hearts I wanted nothing more than to move to my dream city, NYC, but I knew that’s not where I was supposed to be. After a recent traumatic event, I didn’t want to be alone, but I didn’t know of a place where I knew anyone either.

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